Is how you do food, how you do life?

This idea kept presenting itself while I was participating in a group fitness program not long ago. My first thought at hearing "how you do food, is how you do life" was, how unbearably cheesy. The more I heard it however, the more it started to strike a cord with me.  How could something that you do so frequently not reveal something about your beliefs and where you are in your life at the moment? The closer I looked the more I saw the truth in the statement.  For example, I found that my failure to find time to cook for myself was reflective of an overall pattern of self-neglect. 

The message that I see in this truth is that one's relationship with food can simultaneously be seen as a jump start for personal growth and as an indicator of one's growth.  Louise Hay defines an affirmation as anything you say or think.  I'd expand that to include anything you do.  I don't think it's much of a leap to conclude that your actions also set the tone for your life and impact what sort of experiences you draw to yourself.  Since meal time is repeated 3 to 6 times a day for many people, it is wise to consider what you would like to affirm with your food choices.  It would be unfortunate to let the potential power of meal time elude us and reduce food to another outlet for fear based behavior. It would be far  preferable to use meal time to affirm your love of self and of all life to which you are inextricably connected.