Setting Positive Intentions in the Workplace

Yesterday was my last day on the job with the team I've worked with for the last seven years.  This morning was my first official day of working as a professional 9 to 5 nutritionist.  I can see my professional focus narrowing and my goals clarifying.  As I enter my new work environment I've decided to start a daily gratitude journal in an effort to remain in a positive space as I encounter new learning opportunities in the workplace. I've set the intention to only speak of things which I desire to amplify or experience more off. Unless the purpose of discussion is to resolve the issue, I think discussing negative experiences in excess will only draw your attention away from all of the things that are working in your life.  I've also started posting positive work affirmations on mirrors around the house so that I'm reminded to focus on what I want to experience as I go into my day.  I've been approaching personal and spiritual development from a relaxed perspective but now that I will be reducing my work hours I have more time to dedicate to that part of my life.  I want to focus more intently on spiritual practice, particularly on shifting my perspective to allow more myself to become more of a welcoming conduit for love and light. While there may be not connection, I've noticed that it is easier for me to feel connected and at peace when I am eating a high raw diet.  That is why you will notice occasional nods to raw food accompanying my daily gratitude lists.  One of the most joyful parts of shifting my focus has been creating song lists with a positive focus. Today I found another goodie.

Portions of my day that were lovely

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