Pure Bliss Basil Salad

I don’t know about you but the absolutely divine fragrance of basil makes me crazy.  Basil is one of those foods that puts me in a trance, making me sway to music that only my heart and taste buds can hear. If you can't remember the last time you held a tiny bouquet of fresh basil in your hands and inhaled deeply, you should drop what you are doing right now, run to the store and do just that.  Everything about this salad is a delight, even the preparation, from the soft crunching of the chives underneath the pressure of the knife, that is absolutely sure to remind you of the soft crunching of grass underneath your bare feet on a luscious summer day, to the delicate sweetness of the honeydew. 

Pure Bliss Basil Salad
Combine. Enjoy. 

My notes of gratitude for this weekend are as follows

My positive jam for the week is "Where You Need to Be".  This song is packed with positive affirmations.  These lines perfectly capture why it is impossible for me resist this song

you now have love all around and all within your heart
you are whole and where you need to be
you now are peace

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