Hot Tomato Pops

I've started using my vintage Juiceman II again.  I'm focusing on using what I already have in the house to meet my wellness goals without blowing up the budget. I recently realized that I have no interest in sacrificing my youth to rotting away in a cubicle. While I don't enjoy stacking paper and pushing pencils all that much, I do love writing, eating, and traveling.  I have decided my life would be much better spent committing full-time to doing things that I love, no later than 2020. That means I have 8 years to get my affairs in order for early quasi-retirement.  One part of fulfilling the early retirement mission involves shutting down the nonstop consumerism that was going on at the house.  I think I kinda have the Hubs on board.  I was able to convince him to read Miss Minimalist and I've been blasting him with relevant Dave Ramsey links.  Slowly I think he is starting to realize that simplicity tends to breed happiness more than aimlessly accumulating clutter.  I'm finding simplicity appealing in areas of life that I previously made overly complicated, particularly in the kitchen.  Juicing to make homemade frozen pops is a fast and inexpensive snack idea.

Step 2
Hot Tomato Pops

  1. Follow manufacturers instructions to juice ingredients
  2. Pour into pop molds and allow to freeze
  3. Remove from freezer.  Enjoy!
Step 3 - Enjoy your snack

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