This morning I woke up in an amazing mood.  In fact, every day for the last four weeks I’ve woken up giddy.  I could be imagining things, but I’m pretty sure the sun has been shining a little brighter, Misha has gotten less mischievous, midtown traffic has lightened, and the bugaboos at work have gotten less annoying.  Either that or studying and working full-time was making me more of a grump bucket than I’d realized.  The important thing is that my glass half empty days are all behind me now.  Powered with 8 hours a sleep a day and recognizable food, that was not purchased on campus, I’m officially a ray of sunshine.  While completing this degree was not tons of fun, I learned a lot in the process.  The biggest lesson has lead me to the decision to avoid taking on projects that I'm not passionate about from start to finish.  Dragging yourself to complete a project you have lost interest in is an energy sucker.  That said, I am looking forward to finding ways to make use of my shiny new Nutrition degree. 

Now that I've got more flexibility in my schedule I'm spending hours on Pinterst, catching up on Drag Race, and experimenting in the kitchen.  I'll be posting about the fabulousness that has been going on in the kitchen soon.

In other important news, I'm in the process of adopting a new kitty.  His name is Gary; and, he is super cute.