Natural Review Health Challenge - Day One

Day One/Meal One: Blueberries, Banana, Flax Seed, Almond Milk
I’m participating in a Health Challenge hosted by It’s always fun to have a group to share ideas with.  I’m primarily hoping to use this as another opportunity to motivate myself to try new things in the kitchen.  I've been letting nonsense like endless chores, studying, and commuting get in the way of my number one hobby - eating.  Luckily the challenge started February 28th, the first day of spring break, so I have a week to pull it together. Natural Review has broken the challenge up into 3 phases.  

My phase one goals are as follows:
I need to watch out for:
I'm reading The Power is Within You by Louise Hay right now. I think that Hay is a perfect choice whenever you would like to implement positive changes in your life.  In a brief section of this book she discusses compulsive overeating and recommends The Only Diet There Is by Sondra Ray, which I ordered yesterday.  If it is anywhere near as powerful as Hay's writing tends to be, I am in for a treat.  Should I have any life changing revelations as I read it, I will report back. 
Challenge participation is open to everyone.  You can check out the details at