Pomegranate ($1.25)

I picked up my first pomegranate at the Auburn Market today. Sadly, all of my previous encounters with pomegranate were with processed/bastardized forms of the fruit. About.com has a helpful slide show on the least messy way to de-seed a pomegranate.  I considered getting out a bowl and following the steps, but that sounded a lot like work, so I decided to wing it.  If you are planning on using the pomegranate in a salad or another dish, I think breaking out the bowl could be a good idea.  If you are going to eat it alone, you might find that the fruit is so tart that you want to pace yourself, making tackling your pomegranate with just your hands the perfect choice. The fruit breaks apart easily and the seeds are in bunches that can be pushed out with minimal pressure. I tried eating the seeds in their entirety, but found that I preferred the juicy part alone.

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