Eating Well for 10 Bucks a Day

A little over a year ago Hubs made a snide remark about the amount of money that I eat.  At some point in the discussion I ended up declaring that I could eat organic on less than 5 dollars a day.  The spouse locked in on that comment and turned it into a full blown challenge.  I gave it a good go - but it was a bust.  This year I have decided to modify my claim and bring it into a reasonable range.  10 dollars a day is doable.  I can absolutely eat organic for $70 a week.  I think that if you are going to spend freely on anything, you should spend freely on food.  That said,  I think it would be useful to show the spouse, and everyone else who has convinced themselves that eating well is too pricey, that it really isn't that serious.  In addition to my 10 a day project I'm going to resume my veggie exploration.  The goal is to try at least one unfamiliar veggie or veggie recipe a week.