Busy, Busy

I'm about a month into the fall semester.  Things are going well, but the schedule is a little hectic.  Keeping up with my fitness plans has been a tricky.  You may have noticed that I added a counter to the page so that I can take obsessing over my impending b-day to new heights.  In spite of my schedule I am determined to reach my fantasy weight by my birthday.  The plan is to hit the goal and enjoy a year (the last year of my 20s) at that goal, with a view to sustaining it throughout my 30s.  The official steps I've have taken toward meeting that goal include:
In the end my body has the last say when it comes to ideal weight, but based on previous weights I think I can realistically expect to shed about 20 lbs.  I love working out.  I love healthy food.  The issue is that trying to cram a ton of activity into the day has been cutting into my sleepy time.  It's easy to mistake thirst, and exhaustion for hunger when you are burning the candle at both ends.  My solution is to respect my body's limits and closely monitor my progress.