How to NOT Gain 10 lbs during 7 days of Vacation

You would think it would be pretty easy to avoid gaining 10 pounds in a week, but when you are staying at an all inclusive and you are me - these things take planning.  The first time I visited a RIU resort was in Aruba and I managed to gain 10 in just 6 days.  All I can say is, the Pina Coladas were really, really good.  Each Pina Colada probably had more than enough macronutrients (calories) to get me through the day but since alcohol is basically empty calories- I was still craving real food after each and every Colada.  Anyway - on this trip to Los Cabos I decided to do a little bit of planning before leaving.

Things went incredibly well.  I decided to eat just three times a day.  That was satisfying for me.  I started breakfast with heaping plates of fruit.  I ate whatever looked appealing at lunch and dinner.  I made a point of eating fresh veggies and cooked vegetables at every sitting.  I ate more dessert this week than I probably have all year but I still don't feel like my eating was out of control at any point this week.  By making  a point of saving dessert for last, I naturally didn't have the room or the desire for excess.  I don't typically eat dessert at home, but the dessert options looked particularly appealing and on vacation I make a point of eating whatever tickles my pickle.

I participated in the water aerobics class twice, got lots of walks in at the beach, and did a lot of swimming.  All in all - it was a wonderful healthy holiday.  
What strategies do you have in place for keeping your head on straight during events that disrupt your regular eating patterns? 

No matter where you go for vacation this summer you can chose not to motor past the good stuff, to take control of your food choices, focus on getting your veggies, and on enjoying healthy whole foods.  Do not deprive yourself.  Do not poison yourself.  Eating well is not about deprivation, but finding pleasure in healthy choices and keeping the highly processed poison to a minimum.  There is so much yummy real food out there.  You don't need a vacation from eating clean. 

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