Nutritarian Lecture Part I

A few weeks ago I attended a lecture given by Dr. Fuhrman the author of Eat to Live. After reviewing my notes I thought I would share the points the resonated with me the most.

• Doctors are not your saviors - the healthcare crisis can be solved/improved through self care

• The SAD (Standard American Diet) is disease promoting

• Fat is an inflammatory substance that promotes cancer

• Excess protein is carcinogenic

• Cancer rates have increased since the start of isolating vitamins and adding them to manufactured food

• Processed foods build up metabolic waste in the tissues that damage cells and lead to mutation/cancer

• Low micronutrient intake leads to uncontrolled eating and binges

• Sugar and Caffeine have been found to be more addictive than cocaine

• Refined oil is not a health food - in any form - oil begins to be stored by the body within minutes

• The best protection available against cancer is leafy green vegetables

• High nutrient consumption can repair the damage that poor diet did in your youth

• The US Food Pyramid is not based on science - it is a socio-political construct

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