Money Talks

If money talks, what does your's say about you?

"I don't mind child labor, if it will save me a buck"

"I have no interest in supporting small business"

"Artisanship is a thing of the past."

"I love big buisness, factory lines, and facilitating the death creativity"

Okay maybe that is a little extreme. I'm pretty sure no one intends to encourage child labor and or the death of creativity, but if you don't consciously make an effort to avoid supporting these things, you inevitably will. I would like to believe that the bulk of the time my money says fairly nice things about me. Even though there is no way to control the actions of others, you do have power as a consumer. Don't throw your money at people, organizations, or products that you don't particularly want to succeed.

I am passionate about supporting women and creativity. One of my latest discoveries is Moon Bees. Moon Bees is run by a work at home mom. I made a purchase last month and I am very pleased.  Etsy is one of my favorite sites and this just one of the many fabu shops.  Let me know what you find there and if you feel inspired to start selling your wares - be sure to tell me all about it. 

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