Cooking for the Carnivore

The Hubs does not eat veggies. Typically my attempts to explain his unflinching carnivorism are met with disbelief.

Concerned Friend: Well what about corn? Everybody loves corn.

Me: Not the Hubs - that is a vegetable. He doesn't eat vegetables.

Concerned Friend: Well he will eat a tomato on a burger won't he? Why don't you try incorporating more vegetables into his meals?

Me: No seriously, he doesn't not eat vegetables. The Hubs won't even use ketchup. I saw him eat a fruit once. It was a strawberry. That was 3 years ago.

Yes I think it is weird, unhealthy,extreme and generally ridiculous;but, what can I do? He is an adult and I don't have the upper body strength required to force feed him. So at least a few times a week I cook for the carnivore. Please do not be alarmed by meaty recipes at eatingbeautiful. They are not for me. They are for the Hubs. I'm sure there are others like him out there - somewhere. The meaty recipes are for them. I am hoping that he and his kind will at least consider not frying every dead critter they consume.  I know that not everyone is willing to go veg - even though I think they should.