Farmers Market Adventure

I'm gearing up for my big day of cooking. I have plenty of classwork to do while I'm watching my masterpieces come together in the kitchen. I found a lot of gorgeous looking produce at the market today, spent a total of 73.91. The goal is to make 30 meals with the food I have on hand now. I've chosen 10 recipes that I plan on making in triplicate.

Organic Romaine Lettuce 1.69
Spinach 2.98
Kale 1.58
Green Onion 1.18
Jumbo Sweet Potato 2.07
Turnip Greens .79
Miso 5.79 (has several servings - investment will last a few months)
Vegetable Broth 3.89 (concentrated liquid- 30 servings)
Water Chestnuts .99
Ackee 7.39 (pricey yes - but I adore it and will be having it with less expensive ingredients)
Baby Corn .89
Fish Sauce .79
Chili Oil 1.79
Bamboo Strips .89
Green Split Peas 1.32
Yellow Split Peas 1.27
Red Kidney Beans 1.68
Red Split Peas 2.02
Red Lentils 1.41
Cardamom 2.65 (this is my wild card - not sure what I will be doing with this- stay tuned)
Organic Black Beans 2.59
Carrots 1.49
Chickpeas 1.74
Imitation Bacon Bits .44
Oyster Mushroom .85
Navel Oranges 2.99
Yellow Onion .89
Organic Rainbow Carrots 1.99 (true I had already bought carrots by the time I saw these - but Hello! they are "Rainbow" carrots - I had to have them)
Butternut Squash 2.09
Celery 1.69
Vidalia Sweet Potatos 1.33
Organic Bell Pepper 3.68
Chayote .80 (for three of them! great deal - this is an awesome veg that absorbs the flavor of soup beautifully- the texture is delightful as well)
Garlic .59
Red Onion .32
Soy Bean Sprouts .10 (awesome- I know)
Serrano Pepper .08 (and you thought it couldn't get any better)
Golden Delicious Apples 1.61
Organic Boston Lettuce 1.69 (cutest little head of lettuce you have ever seen)
Green Cabbage 1.44 (mental note: less expensive at Kroger)