Keeping it Green - Vintage

Once you start making progress with transforming your relationship with food you will come to the earth shattering conclusion that there is more to life than food. This post is about one of those other things - keeping it green with vintage clothing.

Why Vintage?

If you Google brought you to this post you can probably have several answers for that question, for those of you whose readership today is mere happenstance I will give you a brief overview of the benefits of vintage shopping.

•Vintage allows you to create runway looks on the cheap.
•At times a truly unique look can be obtained no other way.
•Assembling your look can inspire creativity and confidence.
•Wearing vintage clothes is way green. This is a great way to recycle and conserve resources.

For further inspiration see

At freewillfashions activist/conservationist Monkey Queen has outlined an irresistible philospy that will have you bumrushing the nearest Goodwill. Here is a little preview:

1.Blindly following fashion trends leads you to an artistic dead end and financial bankruptcy. Seeking your own style initiates creativity and self-development.
2.Fashion is swayed by the mood of the time; it comes and it goes. Style is a force of individual life that evolves as the person evolves and is determined by the individual.
3.Fashion controls the person who pursues it. Style is controlled by the person who strives to achieve it.
4.Fashion requires an ideal figure and lots of money. Style requires character, artistic creativity, good taste and far less money.
Feeling inspired yet??? Great, lets go shopping!"

Where to get it?

Now that we have established the virtues of vintage, lets move on to shopping locales. If you are a serious fashionista you may doubt that recycling can be attractive. Realize that vintage clothing is not solely distributed by Goodwill and charity shops. There are many high-end retailers of vintage fashions. If budget is not a concern for you, explore consignment stores with high standards and some of the more polished online venders. Thanks to the internet there is a universe of vintage available to you now that was far more difficult to access just a few years ago. I suggest you try,,,,, and just to mention a few. In addition to these suggestions, don't be afraid to explore on your own. A simple Google search may lead you to something wonderful.The yellow pages list consignment and thrift shops in your area. Scope these out. Visit yard sales, peruse the classifieds in your local newspaper, and check for sale items.

Ebay also has a large number of sellers that feature vintage items. Please keep in mind that clothing sizes have a changed over the years. Be sure to have accurate measurements of yourself when you are shopping online. Shop according to the measurements of the clothing, not by the size indicated by the tag. This tip applies to men as well as women. Most sellers will list this information. If it is not listed, be aware that the seller is most likely inexperienced. This may not have to be a deal breaker, but proceed with caution when dealing with ill-informed sellers. You can request the measurements but if the seller is inexperienced, their information may not be precise. Examine their return policy before you are saddled with a piece that will require extensive alterations to be of any use to you. If an item would require minor changes, feel free to purchase it. Simple alterations can typically be performed by your local drycleaner.

Exit the box
Go on and indulge your creative spirit. There are no rules here. Perhaps your favorite outfit is in your Grammy's closet, at that yard sale just up the road, listed on craigslist, or in an unassuming pile at the Salvation Army. You never know.