Eating Beautiful During a Holiday?

Eating beautiful is challenging any day of the week, but throw some holiday cheer atop your daily hurdles and you may start to feel that they are insurmountable. That said, I assure you it can be done. This Memorial Day weekend rather than attending someone else's moderation busting BBQ I held my own Ladies Lunch. Even though almost everyone in attendance admitted that most family functions turn into excuses to binge, we all felt controlling our portions was far less challenging with this menu.


Mango and Strawberry Fruit Skewers


Toasted pita slices topped with sour cream and cucumber pico


White - Freshly pureed grapes,blended with white wine and toasted walnuts

Red - Tomato-based puree with a smoky and tangy bite


Grilled sandwiches with black bean paste, roasted red peppers and Mexican cheeses

This is the interesting thing about eating real food. While we found ourselves satisfied (not stuffed) before we went back for seconds with this menu, at most family functions it is not uncommon to see guests eat non-stop until leaving. Excess sugar and salt found in processed foods trigger binges while whole foods satisfy hunger and allow your body to register that it has been fed.

I hired a local personal chef service to cater my lunch ( so that I could make the most of my time with family. You might be surprised at what a great value a service like this ends up being. If you are just getting stared with healthy cooking, a personal chef can eliminate the guess work. However, if you aren't in a position to hire right now you can improve your summer time function menus on your own. The next time you have guests this summer try skipping the hot dogs, burgers, and chips and replacing them with fresh fruit, raw veggies, and chilled soups. You might be surprised about how receptive you guests are to healthy fare if you present them well.